Testimonials:they have chosen ANUPA’s eco-luxury fashion

Une boutique qu’on connaît depuis des années, j’ai toujours connu ma maman avec les sacs et mon papa avec les porte-monnaie et les ceintures, une qualité qui ne bouge pas et qui tient des années et des années. Moi de Paris et mes parents d’HongKong. Nous avons fait l’aller retour ce week-end pour venir dans la boutique au Vietnam et nous avons encore trouvé notre bonheur! Des modèles ravissant, unique et une qualité toujours. Rendez-Vous.........A store that we have known for years, I have always known my mother with the bags and my father with the wallets and belts, a quality that does not change and which lasts for years and years. I live in Paris and my parents in Hong Kong. We just made the return trip this weekend to visit Anupa boutique in Vietnam and we found what we were looking for again! I was delighted with all my purchases and enjoy having unique quality pieces. An excellent shopping trip.

- MARIE, Paris, April. 2024

I am just back home from Saigon and purchased 4 items of clothing from Anupa's shop. Her clothes range is superb, really well tailored and perfect for hot climates. I would highly recommend Anupa's clothing range to people and the fact that Anupa focuses on using sustainable materials in all the range is also fab.

- EDEL TOBIN, Ireland, April. 2024

An enchanting Anupa experience! Blessed to rediscover Anupa, tucked away in a D2 side street. As I still wear Anupa clothes after 15 years! – real favourites in my wardrobe! Timeless, relevant and elegant, always with a positive comment when worn! I love Anupa designs: Bags, shoes, and assessories, with a touch of tourmaline for protection. I love the way Anupa ethically sources the materials and gemstones, caring for the artisans and the environment. Her designs are not only beautiful and unique, but carry stories of ecological and social integrity. Refreshing to wear what perfectly aligns with my values. Uplifting and inspirational to walk into Anupa. In a world where fast fashion dominates, Anupa is a beacon and oasis of deeper quality. I am so happy with what I bought, even the packing bags! Knowing that my choices support a more sustainable and just world. I ❤ Anupa!

- JULIA SHAW, UK, April. 2024

Anupa’s leather has always been a show stopper no matter where I travel be it Vietnam, India, Thailand or Qatar.Just another evening in Doha !!

- MONIKA, India, June. 2023

The first time I saw an Anupa, was on a satchel carried by a friend. I was immediately attracted to the brand. The uniqueness of the beading design attracted me and I was even more blown away to learn about the uniqueness of each piece and the care and love taken to create each one of them.Her jewellery pieces speak to the individual. I love this quartz ring, which is my first Anupa. It is a clear standout, an Anupa. You can’t miss it!

- REGINA, Malaysia, May. 2023

I randomly walked into Anupa’s shop a year ago and was blown away by all the stunning and unique pieces she had on display. From the jewellery to the handbags - everything was impeccably crafted. The designs were funky and modern but also timeless. I finally settled on a most gorgeous smokey quartz ring, which they graciously adjusted to fit me perfectly! I always get complimented on it. In addition, to the high-quality products, I love the ethos of the brand itself. I’m a big fan of Anupa and her passion to constantly provide new and exciting pieces. Truly a little spot to find big treasures.

- SORAYA, Vietnam, April. 2023

Anupa custom designed two very different rings and they were amazing! Thank you Anupa.

- CAMILLA, Italy, March. 2023

Anupa’s white shirt always gives me a positive feeling of energy every time I put it on. I like Anupa’s clothing because at first glance it looks very simple on the hanger, but when you wear it - you feel very feminine and her fabrics are always so soft. Anupa always respects the comfort of the clothes she designs without losing her harmonious and fashionable look. I also love the Marina bag which is one my favourite work bag.

- LINH LAN, Vietnam, February. 2023

A real Gem in Thao Dien for any fashionista. I like the linen shirt design and quality. I ordered 3 custom made stud earrings, each one a piece of art. Everything in the boutique is a unique design which reflects the customer’s individual character. Thanks to Anupa’s great taste, I really trust her advice to help select the perfect pieces for me. It goes without saying her pieces are high quality, and workmanship in every detail is wonderful. I am a loyal follower of Anupa-Ecoluxe.

- GUCHAN, Turkey, January. 2023

Anupa-ecoluxe is for the modern woman who appreciates unique quality goods made thoughtfully with her needs in mind. I am a long-time fan of Anupa’s work and guiding principles. My first leather acquisition was over two decades ago and I still use that bag to this day. It is a source of pride that I own a few of these timeless pieces with exacting workmanship that is crafted ethically. I know my daughter will also enjoy them in time to come.

- JULIA W, Singapore, Nov 2022

Not only is the beauty and workmanship of Anupa’s products exquisite, but she, herself, is exquisite. She shares her understanding and the artistry of her work to each person who enters her boutique. The richness of her knowledge and the personal attention to both the work and the individual customer brings forth a matching of jewelry, clothing, and leather products that resonates and adds to a person’s life.Although I have always appreciated art and the brilliance of jewelry and clothing, I never allowed myself to enjoy beautiful adornments until I met Anupa and experienced the personalized attention she brought to me. I moved to Vietnam for one year, and needed clothing for the climate. Anupa suggested a few items that were perfect for me and my work. I was hooked! Anupa builds and works with people interested in her creations. For the first time, I discovered rings and earrings that filled me with joy to wear. Truly, this boutique is one-of-a-kind. Although I have returned to Alaska, I wear something “Anupa” every day—whether a shirt, a ring, or use a work bag. Most importantly to me is that Anupa supports and deeply appreciates her Vietnamese workers. Knowing that I can proudly support a company that values their workers and uses sustainable practices makes my enjoyment of Anupa Eco-Boutique products that much better.

- SARAH, Alaska, February 2022

The first time I went to Anupa’s boutique was in 2010, I was extremely impressed with the unique, quality, fun and beautiful pieces on display. There was something for everyone! Anupa is always creating new designs and is great at keeping her signature pieces fresh. It’s always exciting to see what’s new! Anupa’s eye for design and helping her customers pick out the best or most flattering option is amazing. Her designs are a wonderful combination of fun, trendy, unique and timeless all at the same time. They are boutique, high end, high quality pieces. Versatile pieces that can transition into many different situations - casual, business or evening out. Anupa really cares about her customers. She wants them to be happy with their purchases and enjoying wearing the jewelry, clothing, leather goods, scarves or whatever they purchase. Customer service is an upmost priority. I am proud to call Anupa a friend as well as an outstanding businesswoman. One of the best things that happened to me was walking into her shop in 2010.

- LYNN, USA, April 2002

Genuine jewelry that follows you for a lifetime! Like other jewelry-loving women, after a long search, I am really happy and satisfied when I found an address in Ho Chi Minh City to order quality & designed jewelry with my own taste myself at a reputable store that is Anupa store! Since I also work in fashion, I am quite picky in choosing jewelry and gems for myself and Anupa completely meets many of my standards! Love it! I will be back to support this British Indian designer jewelry! Great!

- TAM, Vietnam, May 2022

After living in Saigon for nearly 12 years, I had often looked at Anupa shop both near the Sheraton and in Thao Dien. Only when I was moving on did I make the time to call in , what a find ! I wanted a memory ring from our fabulous time here but it had to be special, very special. Anupa helped me choose a fire opal she set it in white gold and customized a white gold wedding ring to complete the look ! As I was clearing out the house I had lots of old pieces of jewellery I wasn’t using she was able to help me upcycle the gold and made a pendant and a ring to match ! I also have made to measure clothing beautifully tailored aswell as much treasured handbags.

- ALISON, England, May 2022

Anupa’s Saaya Bucket bag is a quality piece I truly cherish. I was a bit worried about the size if it would fit my laptop, but Anupa Horvil personally helped me to check and it wasn’t a problem at all. I love using the Saaya bag when I’m travelling. It looks great day-to-day for work too. I ordered a black leather purse for my friend’s birthday and it was beautiful! It was just what I wanted. I will definitely recommend Anupa to all my friends! Anupa is very accommodating to my needs and budget, while also doing a great job!!!

- GIANG, Vietnam, May 2022

I have enjoyed wearing ANUPA's beautiful jewellery since she first opened in HCMC in the early 2000 , and I was thrilled to recently discover that Anupa Eco-luxe also offers an upcycling service. Anupa helped me to remodel my outdated pieces into gorgeous modern designs, breathing new life into the old stones so I could enjoy wearing them again.

- REBECCA, Vietnam, April 2022

I have bought several items from tops to specially designed leather bags and they are fab!

- JAYNE, England, Jan 2018

I own earrings and a clutch and they are absolutely beautiful!

- SARA, Australia, Jan 2019

For me, investing in an Anupa-Ecoluxe piece is an act of self-love. These are pieces that will bring me joy throughout not just my lifetime, but are also treasures that I will hold onto and pass down to my daughters. Every piece is unique, ethically sourced and, simply put…Beautiful. I find Anupa’s passion for what she does to be infectious. Learning about the provenance of the stones, and the stories behind them, is an education and sets Anupa apart from all of the other brands out there. These are true, one of a kind investment pieces that are truly unique to you and give you the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a brand that is truly ethical and sustainable in mindset.

- ELOISE, Portugal, May 2022

Anupa puts her heart and soul into her work, and that’s clearly reflected in the amazing jewelry and accessories she designs and crafts. Every piece has its own story which makes it so beautifully unique. The jewelry comes in many gorgeous colors that will match the color of your outfit. Or if you’re not sure of what fits you most, Anupa can offer style recommendations that help you look your best. Wanna look like a star? Come see Anupa.

- LIEN, Vietnam, May 2022

I know and I buy anupa-ecoluxe leather products for almost 20 years. I still use all of them, new and old one’s and after all those years, they are even more beautiful. They are elegant and easy to wear for all occasions and bring me the joy of wearing something to Unique.

- LAURENCE, Belgium, April 2022

I absolutely love love love Anupa-Ecoluxe’s Bling, Linens, and Leather. My favourite jewellery pieces are the big stones in simple, elegant settings. These smokey quartz drop earrings were my first purchase, and I have a matching teardrop ring which I wore on my wedding day. I also love my clear quartz drop earrings and my latest Topaz drops. They are gorgeous and they always get complimented when I wear them. During the pandemic I contacted Anupa a couple of times and she literally walked me through her shop, I felt like I was there, and was able to pick out some clothes and more bling. Over the years I have purchased a couple of beautiful cashmere pieces and lots of linen. It’s unique, it’s well designed and well made. Looking forward to my next shopping spree!

- ANTHEA, Australia, May 2022

For many years I have already enjoyed the beautiful products from Anupa. For me, it is the combination of premium quality and unique design that keeps me ordering from Anupa and wearing every single piece with great pleasure. Each piece is so special and I literaly feel the designer through it. Yes, I like to say that too, Anupa is such a wonderful person and maybe that is another reason why I love the products so much: because I have a little bit of her so close to me?

- NELE, Germany, May 2022

Anupa to me is understated luxury. A local brand with continental flare. Have been a loyal customer for close to 10 years. Chic leather products, jewelry and clothes all sustainably done.

- ASTRID, Sweden, June 2022

Amazing range of quality products that are constantly being updated to reflect the latest trends. I especially appreciate the design and personal advise service to create a bespoke item that’s uniquely mine. Thank you Anupa.

- MARIA, Australia, May 2022

My experience with Anupa has been nothing but fabulous. Anupa created not only very personalized jewelry for me, she also made me the most amazing clothes that fit both my body type and style. I am extremely happy with everything she created for me because everything is very much me.

- HELGA, Germany, May 2022