Eco-Luxury Fashion with SustainableValues to Feel Unique

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ANUPA was born in 1998 out of the need for high-quality and ethically sourced leather accessories and clothing in Vietnam. In 2000 the designer Anupa Horvil created the 1st leather bags collection and in 2007 launched the eco-luxe cocktail rings. Since then, ANUPA continues to create and surprise its customers with unique handmade pieces and embrace the environment.

Today the eco-luxury brand for sustainable accessories and clothing is well known among the connoisseur of luxury products. ANUPA offers:

1. 4 Collections: City, Executive & Travel, La Nuit, I Do.

2. Leather goods made of ethically sourced and processed leather.

3. Handmade unique jewellery made of gemstones, each with healing properties.

4. High-quality clothing made of natural fabrics.

5. Many other accessories and unique gift ideas for him and her.

Meet the Designer Anupa Horvil

“Anupa” means in Sanskrit incomparable, unequalled, unique. This is exactly how the designer Anupa Horvil and her born in Vietnam eco-luxury fashion brand are. Eco-friendliness and uniqueness meet ergonomics, functionality and durability to create pieces for one who wants to feel confident and comfortable wearing them.

Born to Indian parents, Anupa grew up in London. 15 years ago, she arrived in Vietnam as an advertising executive and fell in love with the country. Her strong Indian heritage and her environmental consciousness inspired her to create the ethical brand ANUPA for sustainable accessories and clothing. Anupa’s designs focus on simplicity, comfort, and versatility.


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