Eco-Luxury:promoting sustainable valuesand high-quality standards.

The Eco-Friendly Brand

ANUPA’s designs are solidly based on ethical and sustainable values. All pieces are created with a sensitivity for environment and ecology. The designer of the eco-luxury brand, Anupa Horvil has always expressed the importance “to do as little damage as we can” and followed the minimal waste approach “to incorporate as much of the ethically sourced materials as possible”.

Luxury Is Timeless

ANUPA’s production process simultaneously promotes sustainable values and high-quality standards. “Luxury” doesn’t necessarily refer to a merely expensive object. It rather indicates time and care is invested in each piece, making it more beautiful and precious than others. At ANUPA we create unique handmade accessories and clothing provoking admiration and appreciation. Luxury, quality, and extraordinary creativity go hand in hand in all ANUPA’s designs.

ANUPA’s Tourmaline Signature

“Love of details” is one of the eco-luxury brand’s designer, Anupa Horvil, main mantras. She has never been keen to have the ANUPA name plastered all over her unique handmade pieces turning them into just another accessory that feels the need to scream its brand name.

Therefore, she has set in every leather, jewellery and clothing product a piece of tourmaline. The beading design which is sewn into each leather piece is unique in colour and design and the designer never repeats it. By doing so Anupa Horvil keeps each leather accessory unique.

The tourmaline stone possesses the natural ability to allow electric energy to flow. This means that it doesn’t absorb or hold energy, so it doesn’t need to be cleaned to remove negative energy.

I couldn’t think of anything more beautiful and positive than the tourmaline stone to symbolize ANUPA.

designer of the Eco-luxury Brand ANUPA